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Protection Detail

The protection detail package will ensure your vehicle is fully protected against the elements and is a chance to get a glimpse at how different a protection detail is compared to a valet.  The vehicle will be fully decontaminated to ensure the paintwork is completely clean before a protector is applied.  Not only does this mean the wax/sealant will bond to the paintwork better, it will also have a huge improvement to the vehicles appearance.  Future maintenance will also be easier.  Alloy wheel faces will also be decontaminated and protected. 

Protection detail from £125


  • Pre-wash
  • Mild traffic film remover pre clean
  • Snow foam wash
  • Alloys cleaned faces and backs if accessible (non acidic wheel cleaner)
  • Door shuts and hinges cleaned and rinsed
  • Wheel arches and tyres cleaned
  • Two bucket safe wash (ph neutral, lambs wool mitt)
  • Paintwork and alloys de ionised
  • Tar removed
  • Paintwork and alloys clay barred
  • Hot air blow dry
  • Paint work dried
  • Paintwork cleansed by hand
  • Carnauba wax/sealant  applied to paintwork
  • Exterior trim dressed and protected
  • Glass cleaned inside and out
  • Alloy wheel faces protected
  • Tyres dressed
  • Exhaust(s) polished


  • Interior rubbished removed
  • Full interior vacuum and wipe down
  • Plastic treated
  • Seat and carpets shampooed using our specialist wet and dry extractor
  • Leather treated
  • Deodorised