Enhancement Detail

The Enhancement detail is a treatment which will bring your vehicles paintwork back to life.  The vehicle will be machine polished to remove 80-95% of defects and will take one/two days.  Swirl marks will be removed and paintwork will have a real depth and gloss to it.  Prior to machine work, a paint thickness reading with a specialist tool will be taken of the full vehicle to ensure all paint repairs are noted and corrected properly. 

Enhancement detail with standard wax protection from £325

Enhancement detail includes all aspects of the protection detail as well as a two stage machine polish to the full vehicle to remove paint defects.

We are now introducing our Enhancement detail and Ceramic coating package which is designed to bring your used vehicle back to new condition, and protect all surfaces for 2 + years.

With its main emphasis being on the removal of light swirl and wash marks that have been inflicted on the paintwork.

Upon completion of the polishing process of your vehicle, ceramic coating products are applied to all exterior and interior surfaces. These provide unrivalled protection for 2 + years, easy maintenance and amazing levels of gloss.

Enhancement detail & Ceramic coating package from £475, including ceramic protection to all surfaces, paintwork, alloys, glass, leather, trim etc.


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